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The results are in...

Here is The Princeton Review's list of the top 20 party colleges. This list is based off a survey given to thousands of students across the country. Each school's ranking is based upon the amount of alcohol and marihuana use on the school's campus.


1.      Indiana University - Bloomington

2.      Clemson University

3.      University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa

4.      Penn State University Park

5.      University of Florida

6.      University at Buffalo

7.      Florida State University

8.      University of New Hampshire

9.      University of Colorado, Boulder

10.  University of Wisconsin-Madison

11.  The University of Texas at Austin

12.  Michigan State University

13.  University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

14.  Louisiana State University

15.  University of California-Santa Cruz

16.  University of Tennessee

17.  New York University

18.  Ohio State University-Columbus

19.  Virginia Tech

20.  Tulane University

As of September 2, 2002 www.richcyr.com's new headquarters will be the campus of Framingham State College (MA). Also, as of September 2, 2002 www.richcyr.com will have a new mission. That mission will be to get Framingham State College on this list of party schools. (Please note www.richcyr.com does not promote or condone the use of alcohol or marijuana.)

This is Princeton Review's list of the top 20 non party colleges or as I like to call them, The loser schools. These schools were selected because of their strict alcohol and drug policies.



1. Brigham Young University (UT)

2. Wheaton College (IL)

3. United States Air Force Academy

4. United States Naval Academy

5. United States Coast Guard Academy

6. Cooper Union

7. California Institute of Technology

8. United States Military Academy

9. Centenary College of Louisiana

10. Haverford College  (Full of homos)

11. Illinois Institute of Technology

12. College of the Ozarks

13. Golden Gate University

14. College of the Atlantic

15. Calvin College

16. Mount Holyoke College

17. Simmons College

18. Saint Anselm College

19. Wellesley College

20. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

For more information about "Party Schools" or other college related info visit www.reviews.com